A Novel By Chip Casner

 “Man is the only animal on earth that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat, until he eats them.” 

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About Animal Defender

The Book

Animal Defender is a fictional mystery novel that takes place northwest of Seattle, on the island town of Friday Harbor, WA. There, a liberally-minded anarchist seeks payback against those who mistreat animals.  Meanwhile, a young free-spirit and a troubled older recluse find solace in each other, altering both of their paths forward.  




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The Author


Chip Casner is a fickle palette of writer, musician, beatnik, and bum who grew up in the high-brow streets of Madison, Connecticut. 

 He began writing feature length movie spec scripts in 2014, winning best screenplay for Easter Island at the Mountain Film Festival and the Mexico International Film Festival. After growing frustrated with the movie industry, he transitioned his focus to writing novels, with the belief that literature and art are the last two mediums where truth and self-expression still exist.

The Mission

The novel Animal Defender was written with more than just a personal accomplishment in mind for the writer.  The author hopes to enlighten his readers on the truly inexcusable actions humans have warranted against animals in the last few hundred years.  The goal of the author is to someday use the proceeds from this book in order to fund various animal rights causes, sanctuary farms, and any other charities devoted to protecting our furry friends.     

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If humans who are inexcusably cruel to animals make you sick, and you'd love to seek retribution against them, this book is for you!

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